YouTube Reading

by D. Ed. Hoggatt
(Joplin, Missouri, USA)

I'm not making YouTube videos to teach reading; I am linking to them on my classroom webpage. For fluency, I play lyric videos (appropriate ones) and students sing along with the words on the screen. Kids love this because we often play music they are interested in. Words on lyric videos can be static or animated, and a variety of fonts are employed. Students have to be able to recognize the words quickly as they enter and exit the screen. I have found that this increases fluency scores with very little need for other methods.

I also teach reading comprehension from videos of classic TV advertisements. My theory is that even if a child is reading below grade level - or is not reading at all - we can develop comprehension skills. I will ask the same comprehension and leading questions of a short three- to five-minute video that I can of a text. We still make predictions and inferences. We still make connections to self, other texts, and the world. Once the student advances in word and sentence recognition, my hope is that they will already have developed the comprehension skills to go along with their newly found ability.

I have linked all of these videos on my classroom website at (The Hoggatteer Experience) under the headings of Music Appreciation and Watch Like a Reader, respectively. These ideas and more can be found under the broader title of Teacher Collaboration, currently located below the Orientation tab at the top of the page.

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