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Teaching Strategies

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Table of Contents: teaching strategies

3 Ways to Hook into Student Engagement 
by Caroline Hampton

Contemporary classrooms are host to tons of modern learning hurdles. Often today's students are overstimulated, distracted and struggle to focus.

When traditional classroom techniques fail, it may be time to embrace some of the leaps and bounds made in the teaching field in the past few years. teacher resources

Here are three current, practical tips and tools to improve student engagement and focus in your classroom. 

7 Tools for Literacy in the Digital Age
by Michael Yarbrough

Teachers have been always dreamed of ways to save their time and energy while staying productive.

Dreams do come true, and I’m happy to live in a time when teachers can effortlessly and effectively work with students.

This is because of the variety of online tools that have been developed for educational needs. I’ve tried many of them, and I chose 7 of the best that both my students and I enjoy using in the classroom. And now, I’d like to share my collection with you!

20 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Enhance...
by Julie DeNeen

When the school year begins, teachers spend a lot of time getting the classroom ready, planning lessons, and getting to know his/her students.

The following list includes 20 ideas that you may not have thought of in terms of a successful classroom arrangement or organization.

Each item takes no longer than an hour and can make a big difference throughout the year.  

1. Traditional classrooms are normally arranged in a linear format with all the desks facing one direction. Studies suggest...(Continue Readingteaching strategies

A Collection of Free Study Apps for Multiple Devices
by Courtney Gordner

The Internet is not a new thing. We’ve all been living with it for some time, and now that it’s going mobile we can really reap the benefits. teaching stategies

As teachers, it can help us immensely, with research, how to find resources and more.  Even being able to buy teaching supplies from Amazon has helped us get on with our jobs.  They’ve been raised with the Internet and technology in a way that we can only imagine. It’s almost like second nature to them. That's...(Continue Reading)

Autism Help: Effective Disciplinary Techniques 
by Kate Donato teaching strategies

When my oldest son came home from school one day, he bemoaned the fact that the students in his class were so unruly that learning was a challenge.

Certainly the kids who were acting up weren’t learning much--they were too busy acting up. But, other kids like my son weren’t able to hear or think because of all the noise and activity around them. 

Behavior problems can sometimes be bad enough in a regular education classroom like...(Continue Reading)

Co-Authoring with Students? Here's How.
By Dale Lidicker  teaching strategies

I have used “Autobiography of Me,” a further, personal adaptation of The Book of Me, for a number of years. It is 13 distinct chapters and is a wonderful excursion into a variety of topics that invites students to explore various aspects of themselves through writing. .

It is a lengthy personal narrative. When students complete it, they are beaming with pride. After all, they have created a book about one of their favorite topics; themselves.

But, you may ask, What does “Autobiography of Me” have to do with co-authoring with... (Continue Reading)

Free Educational Games Online: Civics, Social...
by Courtney Gordner teaching strategies

As teachers, we constantly stress to our students the value of becoming life-long learners. Specifically, we teach them the necessary knowledge, skills and even etiquette that will lead them to be successful in the real world.

Through all of our teaching and nurturing, our 21st century learners are constantly encouraged to be the citizens of tomorrow.

In the eyes of students, the word "citizenship" sometimes seems like a lot to live up to; yet, iCivics creates a Generation Y-friendly environment where students can learn and grow into their roles...(Continue Reading

Google Classroom: 5 Tips for a Good Writing Lesson in Science by John Decker 

One of the biggest changes coming to the science classroom nationwide are the new Next Generation Science Standards. 

One of the main concepts in 3D learning are the cross cutting concepts. One of the common threads is a link to the Common Core Standards for math and ELA. 

One lesson I have integrated into my teaching recently is the research paper for science students. I wanted to share with you the five key points to make the lesson work.

Make any Lesson Fun without Busting a Budget
by Susan Lee teaching strategies

Teachers are among the most resourceful and creative professionals. They need to be, with all of the recent budget cuts and increased mandates that have impacted their lessons and classrooms. 

But, that doesn’t mean that teachers have to sacrifice fun or spend exorbitant amounts of money to make their lessons fun.

In fact, there are a few strategies teachers can use to make any lesson fun without busting their budget, and here are a few of my favorites

Teacher Strategies: Grade Smarter, not Harder                 by Missi Morazan

Grading is part of the teaching life, but you don't have to do it the hard way. These 3 grading strategies for elementary (and secondary) teachers keep you grading smarter instead of harder.

I’m going to share them with you because I know they’ll save you time while still offering the quality feedback your students need in order to further progress in their studies. As an added bonus... (Continue Reading)

Teaching Reading Skills: The Readers' Theater
by Chase Young, Ph.D.

Readers Theater is a fun, engaging, and effective way to increase students’ reading fluency and motivate young readers. 

We define Readers Theater as a group of students who dramatically read a text for an audience. All you need are some kids, a few scripts, and 5-10 minutes per day. 

Although there are many ways to implement Readers Theater in your classroom, I will share a method that worked well...(Continue Reading)

Tips for Field Trips to Museums
by Caroline Hampton

Children love to learn and explore, and museums can be wonderful places to encourage them to do just that.

These days, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to learning experiences. 

Today’s students across the U.S. get in depth lessons about animals, science, nature, history and more, and museums are great ways to complement what they’re learning in the classroom. However, as little ones can be easily...(Continue Reading

Tips to Help Your Students Prepare for Life
by Adrian Johansen

Anyone who’s managed a classroom full of students for even a single semester knows how challenging the endless stream of academic and logistical demands are.

After all, that’s why they say teaching is a calling, isn’t it? It’s not for the weak of heart. It requires passion and commitment. 

Even for those teachers who can thrive under all of the pressure, though, challenges still arise on occasion. One of those is finding the...(Continue reading)

Using Social Media in the Classroom
by Amy Williams

Do you ever feel frustrated with our student’s love of social media? On occasion, many of us have those days when everyone is covertly playing a game or reading Instagrams under their desks.

There they are, blazingly attempting to act like they are engaged, but their bent heads and moving thumbs give their actions away.

In many schools, educators are losing the battle against smartphones and social media, but this might be the perfect time to adjust our ban on social media and include it in our...(Continue Reading

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