Teaching Blog:  A Veteran Observes, Opines, and Invites Commentary

The Teacher Beacon, my teaching blog featuring opinions and commentary, has been online since September 16, 2011.

When I began this, I blogged twice a week each Tuesday and Friday. I will admit that the frequency has diminished recently due to the demands of Tools.

Readership is strong, but I have to tell you, I was hoping for more commentary from you and our colleagues. If you guys would show some interest and participate, we could make this a vital place for the exchange of ideas.

I will say, however, that you ARE showing an interest in Tools.
teaching blog
About two-thirds of the increasing traffic here at Daily Teaching Tools is coming primarily from the United States.

However, I'm pleased to be receiving a significant number of visitors from France, China, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, Great Britain, India, Japan, and several other countries scattered across the planet.

This tells me that I'm headed in the right direction. But, it also tells me that I need to continually add content that will be useful to you.

And I intend to do so.

The TeacherBeacon, for me, is just a corollary step in that direction. The observations and opinions that I’ll be adding to this online publication include, but are not limited to . . .

  • Teachers' Issues
  • Students' Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Budget Problems
  • No Child Left behind
  • The Achievement Gap
  • Charter Schools
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Good Things Happening in Education

Although, as I said earlier, I'm making observations and expressing opinions, I also want to feature commentary.

YOUR commentary.

That's where I think the true potential of this teaching blog lies--in the experiences and views of everyday teachers such as yourself who are, in fact, extraordinary.

I don't have to tell you that these are difficult times for teachers. The challenges are enormous. But together, we can get through this--we can excel.

We can do this.

You may have seen my advertisements on several pages of this website that solicit your ideas regarding specific teaching topics.

As you can tell by looking at the ideas page, I've had very limited response to my request for ideas. This, without a doubt, has been the biggest disappointment for me regarding Daily Teaching Tools.

I'm hoping that The TeacherBeacon will meet with significantly more success.

That success depends largely on YOU. After all, I'm not the only one with an opinion.

Your opinions are just as important. You're the one who is in the trenches every day.

You're the one who is surviving and thriving.

So,come on in to The TeacherBeacon and take a look around. Kick the tires. Take it for a test drive.

And then, let's talk.

Thanks for stopping by today--my best wishes to you and your kids.

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