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Introduction teacher time savers

I discovered these teacher time savers while I was researching ideas graphic organizers for reading and writing.

In the spirit of Daily Teaching Tools and my commitment to provide you with free resources that you can use in your classroom, I thought you might be interested in these. 

This website offers two free e-books (or click on the graphic above). The first is a 31 page PDF publication entitled Classroom Timesavers, and the second is a 108 page e-book called Magic Classroom Management.

Of course, this website DOES offer more books for sale--a total of 11 of them altogether. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. 

Let me begin with the Quick Links. 

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Classroom Timesavers

Not counting the title page, table of contents, and so forth, this collection has a total of 28 forms that can be used by classroom teachers for a variety of typical tasks. 

Here is the complete listing of those forms:

  • Substitute Teacher Instructions
  • Single Lesson Plan
  • Weekly Lesson Plans
  • IEP Questionnaire
  • Classroom Incident Report
  • Class List
  • Homework Record
  • Student Teacher Contract
  • Free Computer Time Pass
  • Tracking Sheet
  • Parent Contact Form
  • Incident Report
  • Student Anecdotals
  • 100 Ideas for Writing
  • Homework Not Done
  • Often Used Prefixes (prefix, meaning, example)
  • Incredible Award Certificate
  • Class Participation Award
  • Grade Evaluation Form
  • Multiplication Table (up to 12)
  • Fractions Number Lines
  • Cube Net
  • Writing Numbers Sheet
  • Writing Roman Numerals Sheet
  • 300 Most Often Used Words
  • Creative Spelling Words
  • Positive Comment Strips

To be perfectly frank with you, several of these forms are really not needed. 

Because mostly every school district provides discipline referrals, grade books and/or online grade books, and report cards, there would be no need for the Incident Report, Classroom Incident Report, Grade Evaluation Form, and a few others that are included here. 

However, you may find that several of these forms may suit your needs. After all, these are FREE and it's hard to beat that price. 

The other e-book is the one that REALLY intrigued me, and I suspect that you may be inclined to agree with me on this. 

Magic Classroom Management

This free 108 page e-book has the subtitle, How to Get the Most from the Worst Kids in School.

It contains many of the strategies that I mentioned on my Class ManagementClassroom Routines, and Manage Misbehavior pages. However, it goes further into behavioral psychology without getting overly pedantic. 

It also offers simple verbal scripts designed to de-escalate crises as they occur in a variety of classroom scenarios. 

Here is the complete table of contents: 

  • Introduction
  • Common Approaches to Behavior Management and the Reasons They Fail
  • The Easiest Way to Deal with Behavior Problems Is to Prevent Them Happening in the First Place
  • Features of the Best Teacher in School
  • Keep Them Feeling Good
  • The Best Teachers Make Lessons Interesting and Fun
  • The Best Teachers Catch Them Being Good and Reward Their Successes
  • The Number One Secret to Getting Any Child to Behave
  • How to Make Sure Your Instructions Are Followed without Arguments or Confrontation
  • Use Routines to Develop Consistency
  • The Best Teachers Are in CONTROL
  • Dealing with Disruption and Pupils Who Are off Task
  • The Simplest, Most Over-Looked Technique for Getting Any Pupil to Work in Your Lesson
  • The Four Steps to Getting Any Child on Task
  • The Five-Step Script That Stops Disruption
  • The Correct Use of Consequences
  • The Three Requests Technique That Gives You Instant Control of Difficult Pupils
  • How to Use the Three Requests Technique
  • 10 Magic Words to Make a Disruptive Child Behave
  • How to Say No to a Pupil without Causing an Argument
  • A Simple Sentence That Reduces Disruption by 50%
  • Coping with Crises, Conflicts and Difficult Situations
  • The Stages Leading up to a Crisis
  • Dealing with Pupils in Stage I
  • What to Say to a Child in Stage I
  • The Magic Script to Use When You Need to Find out What Is Bothering a Child
  • Dealing with Pupils in Stage 2
  • What to Say to a Child in Stage 2

I have to say that the author has done his homework here, and he has years of practical experience to back it up. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs led him to develop what he calls the "Needs-Focused Approach." 

This approach is based on the principle that if a pupil's crucial psychological needs are being met, they will have little or no need to misbehave in order to find other means of satisfaction. 

I read this publication with great interest from cover to cover, and I highly recommend it. 

Additional E-Books

As I mentioned earlier, this website DOES offer 11 more books for sale. 

Additionally, if you agree to a one-time, five dollar maintenance fee for the newsletter, you get an additional 40% off of your selection(s) along with, "Many new downloads and printables." This, I think you would agree, is a considerable savings. 

Here are the titles of those books: 

  • 1000 Writing Prompts and Language Forms
  • 1840 Report Card Comments
  • Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit
  • Essay Writing Kit
  • Just Teach It! End-of-the-Year Language Unit
  • Spelling Activities for Spelling Lists
  • Math Timesavers! Often-Used Math Forms
  • Just Multiply It! Math Multiplication Facts
  • Quick Lesson Ideas
  • Classroom Award Certificates and Passes
  • World's Largest Collection of Often-Used Classroom Forms

Also on this website, you will find a full three pages of teacher comments concerning these books. teacher time savers

If you get a chance and feel so inclined, take a few moments to check this site out


As I mentioned on my home page, I will NEVER recommend products or services that I have not tried myself. 
teacher time savers
Having read both of the free e-books offered at this site, I CAN strongly recommend Magic Classroom Management. I also think that you will find some of the forms available in Classroom Timesavers to be useful.
teacher time savers
Here's wishing you and your kids continuing success!

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