Reading Comprehension Practice: 50 Pages to Boost Student Proficiency


Picture it, study it, master it, remember it.

This simple, but surprisingly effective teaching strategy, allows students in grades 6-8 to do just what this resource’s title suggests-- level up on their reading comprehension!

Level Up on Reading, Volume 1 contains 10, 5-page reading comprehension packets drawn from engaging works of fiction, nonfiction, and autobiography.

What makes this reading resource unique is its cohesive, step-by-step approach to autonomous learning mastery.

For detailed information about this resource please, by all means, continue reading further.

If you'd like to cut straight to the chase, here are the pertinent links:

Note:  The free version contains 1 complete reading packet (6 pages), and the Full Version contains all 10 reading packets (53 pages).

Download: Level Up on Reading, Free Version

Purchase: Level Up on Reading (Order in the USA) 

Purchase: Level Up on Reading (Order outside of the USA)

Screenshot Samples

Shown below are the 5 pages associated with A Bottle of Perfume, one of the excerpts of fiction included in this collection: 

Contents Included

The same 5-page format is used for all 10 of the reading passages in this collection. These include...

  • Hard as Nails (Autobiography)
  • The Power of Ice (Nonfiction)
  • A Bottle of Perfume (Fiction)
  • Florida Panther Problem (Nonfiction)
  • Old Yeller and the Bear (Fiction)
  • Remarkable Rooms (Nonfiction)
  • Dragon, Dragon (Fiction)
  • Loads of Dictionaries (Nonfiction)
  • Through a Brief Darkness (Fiction)
  • Childhood and Poetry (Autobiography)

Additionally, every single page in this collection is a standalone asset, minimizing the risk of being kicked out of your school's copy room. reading comprehension practice


The procedure for using these materials is entirely up to you. After all, it’s your classroom, and you’re in charge. What follows is just a recommendation—nothing more:

1. Begin each packet with the Visualization Activity (shown below). This will allow students to become familiar with the text and to see in their minds’ eye the relationship of the topics, details, and/or events. reading comprehension practice

Each activity pack has its own, unique graphic organizer.

2. Introduce the Instructional Exercise so that students will have a built-in reference for learning the terms and concepts associated with the passage and questions.

As you can see below, each Instructional Exercise has its own Study Key, where students may match the symbol of the question with notes that will help them to formulate their answers: reading comprehension practice

3. Administer the Comprehension Test for summative evaluation. If they have completed the prior two pages, they should have little difficulty in achieving an acceptable score:

4. Distribute the two Enrichment Puzzles included for each packet to reinforce the terms and concepts learned. A sample of one of those pages is shown here: reading comprehension practice

The final page of each packet is the Instructor's Information, which contains the reading level, the Common Core Standards for the activity, and all of the answer keys:

Skills Matrix

By the end of all of the included activities, students will be much better able to…

  • distinguish examples of fiction, nonfiction, persuasion, and autobiography.
  • identify the author’s narrator and point of view.
  • identify the elements of plot in a work of fiction.
  • sequence events or information presented in a text.
  • explain the author’s technique for building suspense.
  • identify and explain the significance of a literary symbol.
  • make predictions based on the evidence presented.
  • compare and contrast two or more works of literature.
  • distinguish cause and effect in both fiction and nonfiction.
  • recognize the author’s purpose and/or thesis.
  • recognize significant details that support the author’s purpose.
  • make inferences based on evidence presented.
  • explain an author’s call to action in a work of persuasion.

The above listing displays the skill demonstrators that are most prominently emphasized in this collection. There are additional skills as well.

Free and Full Downloads

Level Up on Reading, Volume 1 is presented in PDF format; as a result, the free and full versions are entirely compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Note:  The free version contains 1 complete reading packet (6 pages), and the Full Version contains all 10 reading packets (53 pages).

Download: Level Up on Reading, Free Version

Purchase: Level Up on Reading (Order in the USA) 

Purchase: Level Up on Reading (Order outside of the USA)

Thank you for your interest and time, and especially, thanks for all you do for our kids! 

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