Online Student Resources: A Collection of Free Study Apps for Multiple Devices

Introduction online student resources

The Internet is not a new thing. online student resources

We’ve all been living with it for some time, and now that it’s going mobile we can really reap the benefits. As teachers, it can help us immensely, with research, how to find resources and more.  Even being able to buy teaching supplies from Amazon has helped us get on with our jobs.

They’ve been raised with the Internet and technology in a way that we can only imagine. It’s almost like second nature to them.

That’s why the Internet can be a great way to help your students study better, and make sure that they get their work done on time. Managing time is important for students and with online apps like Wunderlist and Evernote, they should never find themselves missing a deadline.

We’re going to go over some of the key apps and services on the Internet that can help your students study better. From applications to keep themselves organized to great tools to get work done and turned in on time.

Except for Office 365, which is a subscription based service, all of the apps that will follow below are available completely free of charge.

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To-Do Lists

To-Do lists are a great way for your students to keep on top of things. With many services available online and on their smartphones, they can keep on top of things easily and from wherever they like.

Flexible options like these are great for students as they give them the power to control their own schedule. Don’t forget to incorporate these into the classroom though, and be sure to encourage your students to add deadlines to their To-Do Lists. 

Let’s take a look at four of the best To-Do list apps and services:


Clear (for Mac and iOS)

Clear is a great To-Do list if you’re classroom is full of MacBooks.

It’s a simple and easy to use app that allows you to have more than one list at a time. So, your students can have “Assignments”, “Research Points”, and more. 

What’s great is that this works on their MacBook as well as their iPhone and iPads. (Chrome, Android, and iOS)

This is a more powerful option, and it’s one that works on any Chrome browser - be it Mac or Windows - as well as Chromebooks.

It’s got powerful search options and you can even add tasks using voice control.

Google Tasks

Google Tasks (All Platforms)

If you’re a school that’s been taken over by the Chromebook, you’ll know how excellent Google’s services can be in the classroom. online student resources

With Google Tasks, students can access their to-do list through their GMail account, something most students are going to have. It works with everything, as you can use the mobile website for it. online student resources


Wunderlist (all platforms) is one of my personal favorites. It has all the boxes ticked for a To-Do list. It’s easy to make multiple lists and it looks fantastic. 

Your students will feel like they have a unique to-do list of their own as they can choose from a number of different backgrounds. 

It syncs between the web, your phone and your tablet. So, there’s literally no excuse your students can have with Wunderlist.

Getting Work Done Online

Now, your students can get their work done online, for the better. 

They have been encouraged to use Word Processors to make sure their word is accurate and easy for us to read and mark. However, now the Word Processor has hit the web and it’s gotten a lot better because of it. 

How many times have we heard our students tell us left their memory sticks at home? Or that Microsoft Word has corrupted the file? 

Well, with these alternatives, you’ll no longer be hearing those excuses and things will be handed in before the deadlines. 

Here are some of the best ways for your students to work online:


Evernote (All Platforms)

Evernote is one of the easiest ways to make sure your students have all of the notes they need to create a brilliant final project. 

From being able to take written notes, to recording lessons, Evernote can do it all. It’s all organized as the student wants and they can access it on their phones, tablets and of course their Mac or Windows laptop.

It’s brilliant.

Google Drive

Google Drive (All Platforms)

Google Drive is a personal favorite of mine as well. If you’re an English teacher you’re going to love it especially. 

Its word processor (there’s a spreadsheet app as well) is compatible with Microsoft Word and it saves every single keystroke--without ever having to hit Save. 

This is brilliant because it takes a weight off of your students’ shoulders and there’s no more of the “I hit save, honest!” excuses.

It’s free and is a great choice to look into if you’re using Chromebooks.

Office 365

Office 365 (All Platforms)

This is a different entry as it’s from Microsoft and it’s a subscription based product. 

Basically, you get the entire Microsoft Office suite and some cloud storage. There is an iPhone and iPad app, with an app for Android phones as well. This is a product to look into if you absolutely have to have 100% Microsoft Office compatibility. 

It’s not cheap but, it is worth it.

Google Keep

Google Keep is part of Google Drive, but it has its own smartphone app.

It’s essentially a great way for students to take notes and have them synced across multiple devices and never have to hit save. It’s a sort of “just type” note taker and it’s quick and easy to use. 

It’s not quite as powerful to use as Evernote, but it can tie in with your Docs etc in your Drive account. Again, this is perfect for Chromebook Classrooms. online student resources


For some teachers, these tools can make your life in the class room a lot easier! For others who aren’t so tech-savvy, they might make it more difficult. online student resources

One thing I know, is it’s important to stay up-to-date with the new technologies to keep up with the kids! For those unsure of how it all works, I’d suggest taking an online class to understand what is going on it the internet world. 

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