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I'm guessing that if you're anything like me at all, you are always on the lookout for ideas for teachers.

My primary purpose for this website is to make it useful for teachers. One of the most important things that I can do to realize that purpose is to gather ideas from you, the teacher.

You may participate by going to "Please Help Us with YOUR Ideas for Teachers!" below.

Please Help Us with YOUR Ideas for Teachers!

What idea(s) about teaching could you share with us? A strategy or procedure, perhaps? Something that you have found to be effective with kids?

We are looking forward to this opportunity to learn from your experiences and expertise!

I am still offering $50.00 worth of products COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE to one contributor per month.

Hey, I'm a temporarily retired guy! That's about as good as I can do right now!

If you are the ONLY contributor in a given month--and, I certainly hope that is NOT the case--you will get the freebies.

If there are several contributors, I will draw a name from the hat. Beginning December 1,2013, the winner will be announced on the first day of each month--right in this section of the page.

What's not to like?

Share your idea with us today!

YOUR Ideas for Teachers

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Jigsaw Activity 
Hello, I just came across your website. I have been taking a teaching certificate course, and we have been learning about jigsaw activities. Although …

Write about words that describe how often something occurs 
Write a poem using words like somewhat, somehow, sometimes, always, never, more than likely, most likely, least likely,most often, least often. That should …

Free iLessonPlanner App for teachers (Apple and Android) 
I wanted to let you know about iLessonPlanner App, which is an indispensible free tool for teachers who are planning and delivering lessons to students …

As part of my year's end final this year, I used something I call, "Tic-Tac-Test." I told my students that they must respond in writing to three of the …

Letter of Introduction 
During the last week of school have each class compile a letter to the class coming up next year. Make an outline of what they did each month and the …

Visual Senses for use as a Writing Strategy Not rated yet
My resource students were struggling to add detail and expand their use of adjectives when completing a writing prompt during our writing block. I …

Bored NO! Board game Not rated yet
Creative and active learning for HS students! Teaching Spanish as a foreign language is not easy. Instead of using already made board games, I used …

Journaling Prompt: Pick a Proffession Not rated yet
Choose the 3 top jobs you wish you could have, then envision a day in your life with each of them. Where do you go?When/what do you eat? When do you get …

Author's Purpose is a piece of P.I.E! Not rated yet
I begin by actually baking a pie the night before. This seems to enlighten the senses, go figure, and kids are ready to listen. A set of grade level …

Helping K-12 schools with: Math, Science, Technology Not rated yet
Math & Science teachers had to have "loved" their subject while teaching and it is difficult to turn it off during retirement. Substitute teaching is …

Differentiated Classroom Not rated yet
I am starting with this teaching strategic as an English teacher in Argentina. One important item of this theory is Assessment. I am working on it!

StoryImprov Not rated yet
StoryImprov is a creative writing game to help spark creativity in students. Using, a teacher can begin a story, and students are …

Equations with show me boards Not rated yet
Teaching Q=It? Or something like that? Get pupils to use the definition of current to work out basic problems. For example, 'If 2C of charge passes …

Exit Slips Not rated yet
I teach math and science and one strategy for math that I really like and have found useful is an exit slip. Many times I have had students just do …

You as a Superhero Not rated yet
Make up a name, power, sidekick, and nemesis. Tell how you got your superpowers and describe your first encounter with you nemesis. Do you tell somebody …

Walk About Not rated yet
Walk around the block (or playground) and note three things you've never noticed before. Write about one of them, or weave all three into a poem or story. …

Onion Gum Verses Bubble Gum Not rated yet
How about this for a writing prompt? You have chewn onion gum, right before chewing bubble gum. How did the onion gum make the bubble gum taste? Write …

Cite Your Evidence Not rated yet
You can use any current event of your choice. Have students underline main idea and highlight 3-5 sentences that give evidence to support it.

YouTube Reading Not rated yet
I'm not making YouTube videos to teach reading; I am linking to them on my classroom webpage. For fluency, I play lyric videos (appropriate ones) and …

Book Report Topic Generator Not rated yet
Book Report topic generator. Students answer questions as they read to serve as ideas for a book review essay.

Assign Novels 2-3 Weeks Ahead of Time Not rated yet
Actually check out your book to your students 2-3 weeks before the novel unit begins. If you're teaching in an environment where students are not …

Head Activity Not rated yet
HEAD ACTIVITY I usually begin with a short story but one that will grasp the students' attention. We read and discuss the story as a whole class and …

Tips for Creating Work Groups in the Classroom Not rated yet
Group work is always important in any classroom, and you, the teacher, should be able to intuitively create functional groups among your students by considering …

6 Secrets to being a Successful Teacher Not rated yet
You can go through college and finish a teaching course, but that doesn’t mean you know everything about the career you wish to enter. There are some things …

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4 Tips to Become a Better, More Effective Teacher  Not rated yet
Teaching is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. You need to deal with lots of students, each with their own set of personalities that might …

Use a Voki on Your Website to Create Interest Not rated yet is a site where you can create talking avatars and then add them to your website. They have a basic free version as well as enhanced subscription …

Paper Heading Not rated yet
This may seem like a trivial idea, but it's working great for us. I got tired of seeing scrunched up little headings jammed up into the upper right …

Shared Poetry Writing Not rated yet
As a class, brainstorm a list of words to describe a topic (ex: Spring). Divide the class into small groups (3-5 kids) and give each group one sheet of …

The Back Game Not rated yet
When students have vocabulary definitions to remember, no matter what subject, I write the vocabulary terms on index cards. With tape I stick one or more …

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