Helping K-12 schools with: Math, Science, Technology

by Thomas (Tom) Love
(Canton, Ohio USA)

Drone (Quadcopters)

Drone (Quadcopters)

Math & Science teachers had to have "loved" their subject while teaching and it is difficult to turn it off during retirement. Substitute teaching is not the answer but their is a real need to qualified and retired teachers to teach small groups of students not at grade level. Not to help them with HW (well maybe a little) but to pursue ideas that go beyond traditional curriculum. Such as: Drones or "Quadcopters" which are hands-on devices to excite and encourage younger students to pursue future careers in business and industry. I have gathered a collection of web sites that provide information & motivation for ideas of this type.

Also, Computer science (coding) in USA has been lagging behind many other nations: United Kingdom for one and recently China:

Now believe it or not USA has the BEST coding (free) courses site on the Internet: ""

Both can be handled by any Math, Science or Technology retired teacher who do not want to substitute teach and help students with HW...
Also, these ideas will help current teachers who are overwhelmed with all that is expected of them today.

Well that is a start and You site is Awesome!!!

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