Head Activity

by Diana Sanchez
(Brownsville, Texas)


I usually begin with a short story but one that will grasp the students' attention. We read and discuss the story as a whole class and ask questions.

The story has to have a lot of meaning and be one of their liking to make this activity easy and productive!

From this short story, I then go on to a novel; Of Mice and Men or any other novel you are thinking about works well. Only YOU know your students' interests.

We read and discuss and finally I show the video of the novel so the students can make the connection of media and written text (another activity - Venn Diagram).

Once we have completed watching the movie, I give them a copy of a "head" and they are to write what the character's thoughts and feelings are throughout the novel. This works best when the movie or novel is being read.

The students' are also asked to draw illustrations of what symbols are being read about in the novel. This head activity is so intense that in the end I ask the students to color each feeling (like a "patchwork" quilt)and they cut out the head and glue it onto a colored construction paper.

I did laminate every head activity and displayed them around in the classroom...all 150 of them!

My wall decor looked AWESOME!

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