These 10 Free Reading Tests Feature High-Interest Passages for Comprehension Practice


As noted above, I am offering 10 free reading tests on this page. 

All of them are short--students can complete them in about 15 minutes or so.  I have found that shorter tests bring certain advantages. 

Once everyone is finished, papers can be exchanged, checked, and returned for instant feedback.   

This allows time for students to ask questions about items they missed or to find out why their own answers were incorrect. 

A second advantage is that all of these tests can be copied one per page--a savings in copier paper.  

Please note, however, that a few of them DO have a second page.  Those second pages COULD be copied to the back of the first page. 

In the very near future, I will be adding several reading tests that are longer--students will need the majority of a standard class period to complete them.  

However, these longer tests are more thorough and include a larger scope of reading skills than the shorter tests. 

All these tests feature either high-interest and/or informative reading passages.  Additionally, the passages include fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. 

Please feel free to use any or all of these tests in whatever way best suits your needs.

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Reading Skills Covered

The reading skills featured in these free reading tests include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Identifying the Main Idea
  • Recognizing Supporting Details
  • Analyzing Words
  • Analyzing Text
  • Using Context Clues
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Making Inferences
  • Understanding Cause-and-Effect Relationships
  • Recognizing Comparisons and Contrasts
  • Understanding Characterization
  • Recognizing Patterns of Organization
  • Making Predictions
  • Identifying Conflict
  • Determining Author's Purpose
  • Determining Point of View</li>
  • Establishing Sequence of Events
  • Interpreting Information
  • Understanding Plot
  • Synthesizing Information from Multiple Sources

Test Numbers, Titles, and Screenshots

For your convenience, all of the free reading tests that you will find on this page are numbered and titled.  Each test is in PDF format completely ready for copying and distributing.  I have also included a complete answer key.

Here are the tests.  Please note that the screenshots presented here are the FIRST page of each test.  ALL of these tests have either 5 or 6 questions. 

Test 1--Peter and the Beach

Test 2--Aunt Prudence's Dog

Test 3--The History of Cats

Test 4--All about Steel

Test 5--Sails Can Be Useful

Test 6--The Animal Mind

Test 7--The Meeting of the Rails

Test 8--Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright

Test 9--Ben's Harmonica

Test 10--Life Doesn't Frighten Me

Answer Key


I sincerely hope that these practice reading tests will contribute to your efforts to increase the reading proficiency of your kids.  

You may download the complete set here.

Daily Teaching Tools is STUFFED with free stuff for you to use.  All I ask in return is that you support my efforts by simply clicking on one of the ads that interests you, purchasing a coffee cup or shirt at the Teacher Market, or downloading one of my software products. 

Good luck and best wishes to you and your students!

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