Free iLessonPlanner App for teachers (Apple and Android)

by Sim
(London, UK)

I wanted to let you know about iLessonPlanner App, which is an indispensible free tool for teachers who are planning and delivering lessons to students aged 5-18. The App features quick, easy and stimulating ideas for lesson planning areas such as starters/openers, active learning, differentiation, and plenaries/closure.

This App is essential for any teacher as it brings together generic ideas for lesson activities in one place where you can flick through the ideas, create a lesson plan, and quickly adapt activities to suit your subject and students.


Eternally Grateful - Katie Piper
I just updated to the new format, and really like it. - Anon
A brilliant guide! - Bilal Vali
What a fantastic little app! Only just downloaded it, and already it's proved to be a life saver! Thank you for creating it! - Rehana
A must for anyone doing any teaching sessions! Easy to navigate, great ideas and can be applied for all ages, stages and subjects. Can't wait to start putting it to good use! - London Teacher
Just wanted to let you know I love what you are doing with this app. Definitely will be sharing worthwhile ideas in the future - Caro

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by: Anonymous

Wonderful. This app looks full of promising ideas for me to use in the future. Thank you for sharing.

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