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Now 50% Off!

Tablet Tutor: The Parts of Speech Bundle, which covers all 8 parts of speech, is now available at 50% off the price of purchasing the mini lessons individually. Plus, you get the bonus enrichment pack absolutely free of charge!

You may grab the free, fully-function demo of The Parts of Speech Bundle here, or purchase the full version of The Parts of Speech Bundle.

Need more information? By all means continue reading! 


Tablet Tutor is streaming, interactive courseware designed specifically for the purpose of providing meaningful language arts content that will run on virtually any internet-connected device except for smartphones. 

Free, fully-operational demos and complete details of the contents of this bundle are just a click away:

The Parts of Speech Bundle features…

  • 3 types of interactive instructional modules
  • 4 styles of online review activities
  • 7 Scholar Boards (10 question, multiple choice quizzes)
  • Your Local Library (a glossary for each mini lesson)

Additional Notes about Tablet Tutor Mini Lessons:

  • All interactive review activities and quizzes yield recordable/printable scores.
  • Students have opportunities to compare their answers with the correct choices.
  • Mini lessons are viewable on PC’s, Macs, Laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks, iPads, and Android Tablets.

Free Bonus Enrichment Pack

There are 11 enrichment activities included in the Free Bonus Pack. The first two are Parts of Speech puzzles (including the teacher’s answer keys):

The words found in the word search activity, shown above, become the word bank for this crossword puzzle: 

And, as mentioned previously, the teacher’s answer key is included for both puzzles.

The remaining 9 enrichment activities/games in the bonus pack are online Quia flash interactions--neither you nor your students have to be members of Quia to participate. Just follow the provided links! 

This is the Parts of Speech Balloon Adventure: 

Here is the game board for Parts of Speech Jeopardy:

This is how the student-input box looks…

A sample from Parts of Speech Bazillionaire:

The remaining activities not shown here include… 

  • Connecting Parts of Speech
  • Parts of Speech Scramble
  • Flashcards
  • Matching
  • Concentration
  • Word Search

Whether you allow your kids 15 minutes or a couple of hours for these activities is entirely up to you!

Free and Full Downloads

Download the Free Demo of Parts of Speech Bundle

Purchase: Parts of Speech Bundle (Order in the USA)

 Purchase: Parts of Speech Bundle (Order outside of the USA)

One Final Note on Educational Apps

One of our colleagues, who visited Tools not long ago, was looking for apps that would run on their school’s Chromebooks which had been purchased and distributed to all of their kids. 

Apparently, such critters are hard to find... 

I had to confess to her that I did not have anything that would run on a Chromebook, but in the process, the idea for Tablet Tutor was born. 

No matter what type of technology is available to the kids at your school, I sincerely hope that they will learn just as much as I did while developing these apps. And, hopefully, they’ll have just as much fun. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read all about the Tablet Tutor: Parts of Speech Bundle, and especially, thanks for all you do for kids. 

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