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Introduction education link exchange

This page is devoted entirely to education link exchange. 

Link exchanges or "back links," in case you may not be familiar with them, are a unique developmental way to reach out online and connect with more and more people who are interested in the same topic. 

The people behind all of the websites below have graciously agreed to create links on their sites that lead back to Daily Teaching Tools. 

In return, I am linking to each of their sites, right here on this page. I'm hoping that you'll have a chance to check out what my link partners have to offer.

If YOU have a website or blog and would like to exchange links, click here for more details.

Link Partners

Important:  If a URL is listed next to the site name, you may copy and paste it into your browser's address bar to visit.

Cool Teacher Links 
Resources for High School and Elementary Teachers: ideas, contests, reference tools, webquests, national libraries. 

English Language Arts Resources (
All Things Common Core: Color-coded checklists for grades 3-12, podcasts, printables, and 100’s of standards-based Writers’ Notebook lessons via the Pinterest link.

EAL Teaching Strategies 
EAL teaching strategies for supporting primary age pupils in both the beginning and advanced stages of learning English. 

Education for Excellence 
Education for Excellence provides an exciting and positive blueprint for teachers, administrators, parents and students.

Help Your Child with Autism Learn New Skills 
If you are the parent of a child with autism, this site is your source for therapy ideas that you can start at home. I'm all about helping you find the exact therapies ... 

Free Student Worksheets (
Free Student Worksheets: Math, Science, History, Grammar--for summer school too. 

History Worksheets 
The educational philosophy at is that students learn best when ... also believes highly in integrating primary sources, film, ... 

Printable Coloring Pages 
Thousands of free printable coloring pages for kids! 

Science Experiment Ebooks for Kids 
Science projects and science experiments for kid’s grades 1 to 8 that are safe and fun to do. Various e-books range containing full step by step instructions. 

Teachers' Zone - Reconnective Healing is Child's Play! 
A new view of holistic health education in the Teachers' Zone at Child's Play Healing. This innovative program is available in most countries, including the USA.

Timesaving Teacher Resources 
Specializing in printable, often-used classroom forms, report card comments, spelling activities, practical teacher tools, worksheets and downloadable teaching materials designed to save teachers valuable time.

Education Link Exchange Request

Do you have a website or blog that may be of interest to visitors of Daily Teaching Tools? Does your site or blog align specifically with the needs and/or concerns of classroom teachers? 
education link exchange
If so, I'd be delighted to exchange links with you. Just take a few moments to fill out this contact form:

Link Exchange Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.



Admittedly, I've been so busy adding additional pages to this site that I haven't taken a proper amount of time to scout around for additional information that you may find to be useful.
education link exchange
Although my list of partner links is relatively short at this point in time, I'm confident that it will continue to grow over the coming months (and years) to come.
education link exchange
Yes, I'm in this for the long haul!
education link exchange
As I'm fond of saying, come back around every once in awhile to see what I've been up to. 

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and rewarded. 

Happy surfing and/or developing!

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