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I’d be very pleased to hear from you about anything related to teaching or to this particular website.  I have the contact form that you see below set up in a way that allows me to immediately know when you have submitted your comment. 

As a result, if you are requesting a response, I will be able to provide one very rapidly. 

As you know, I am still very much in the process of building the pages and functionality of this website.  I’m really trying to make this one of the best online teaching resource sites available. 

You can help me in this endeavor just simply by filling out the contact form. 

Some of the things I'm anxious to hear about from you, my fellow teacher, include . . .

  • requests for specific pages to be added
  • questions about the content that you have found here
  • suggestions for improving this website
  • some problem that you may have noticed about any of the pages
  • anything that occurs to you that might benefit your fellow teachers

It would be REALLY cool if you could provide a testimonial--I would be pleased and honored to feature it prominently on the site with attribution to you! 

Many thanks in advance for participating! 

Contact Chad Manis

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Important Note: If haven't heard from me in over 24 hours, you either gave me a faulty email address or your district's website is blocking unsolicited emails.

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