Classroom Management: 125 Signs for Structure and Organization


I've found that my classroom management is stronger when the classroom itself is structured and organized.

The old adage that there is a place for everything and everything in its place, in my opinion, applies paramountly to the classroom.

Kids just respond more positively to structure and organization. These signs will assist you in providing that disciplined framework required for success. 

And, if you happen to use the CHAMPs Classroom Management System, these signs will help you reinforce your essential behavioral expectations.classroom management

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Ready for printing and posting, this enormous set of 125 full-color, classroom signs contains everything you may need to structure and organize your classroom. Signs included in this collection are… classroom management

  • Classroom Entry Signs (19)
  • Workshop Model Signs (12)
  • Weekly Agenda/Common Core Signs (24)
  • Document Center Signs (31)
  • Classroom Traffic Flow Signs (5)
  • Classroom Object Location Signs (36)

Additionally, 68 of these signs will accept your own typing, insuring that what you post on your walls and whiteboards reflects your own unique circumstances.

Are you likely to use all 125 of these signs? Probably not. That’s why the banner pack is included absolutely free of charge! There are 8, 5 ½ foot signs (6 pages per banner) including…

  • Classroom Library
  • Document Center
  • Reading Journals
  • Student Portfolios
  • This Week’s Agenda
  • Work in Progress
  • Work Stations
  • Writing Journals

This 180-page, PDF publication contains a linked table of contents for all sections, insuring that you will be able to locate target signs quickly and easily. Compatible with both Windows and Mac. 

Download Free 12-Sign Sampler

Purchase 125 Classroom Signs (Order in the USA)

Purchase 125 Classroom Signs (Order outside of the USA)

Care to learn little more about this collection? Please have a look at the following sections.

20 Classroom Entry Signs

Classroom Entry Signs are specifically designed for posting near the entry door. With these in place, students will know everything they need to know before coming into your class. 

Whether you place these horizontally or vertically (as shown below) is, of course, dependent on your available area and individual preferences.

Here's a closer look at some of the entry signs included in this collection:

12 Workshop Model Signs

The workshop model signs shown in this section come from my time teaching at Twin Lakes. My colleagues liked these so much that they requested copies for themselves. And, just as I recommended (detailed below), they printed them full-color on card stock and laminated them. 

To this day, they still use the originals in their classrooms. 

These signs come in two sizes, both of which are included in this collection. My colleagues and I used the smaller size so that we could stack them vertically on our whiteboards, leaving room to write the appropriate information next to each sign. 

The smaller signs (printed two per page) are exactly like the larger ones shown below: 

24 Weekly Agenda Signs

These signs can be placed anywhere you would like them. On your whiteboards, bulletin boards, or even your classroom walls. That’s entirely your call. 

Like the workshop model signs shown above, the weekly agenda signs come in two sizes. The smaller ones (printed two per page) work best in a grid display, using the days of the week in a vertical column. Or, if you prefer, they may be used in a horizontal row at the top of the grid. 

There are also two versions of the day signs—one is based on a Mother Goose tale and the other is an ordinary display of day names: 

31 Document Center Signs

In my opinion, establishing a document center in your classroom is an absolute must.

With such a center, you will be surprised to see how much easier it is to manage the tons of paperwork constantly flowing to and from your kids. For more details about setting up a document center, please reference this page. 

The sample signs shown below display signs with arrows pointing both left and right. 

However, each of the signs comes in 4 versions—one pointing up, down, left, and right. This way, no matter where you set up your document center and how you place your letter trays, you will always have the perfect sign to fit your situation: 

5 Classroom Traffic Signs

I highly encourage you (if you haven’t already done so) to establish clear expectations of how kids will move as they enter and exit your classroom. 

The 5 signs shown below simply act as reminders for the little darlin’s when they visit you each and every day or every-other day, if you are on an A-Day, B-Day schedule:

33 Object Location Signs

As with the document center signs, the object location signs com in four versions--one pointing up, down, left, and right. 

There are two reasons for this. First, I have no idea where you place your pencil sharpener, for example. But, I do know that one of the 4 pencil sharpener signs will fit your particular circumstances. 

Second, our strategic principals are fond of rearranging our room assignments like chess pieces on a board. If you haven’t already been saddled with the unnecessary burden of having to move to another square, you most assuredly know several colleagues who have. 

With signs pointing all directions every possibility is covered. Only some of the left and right signs, however, are shown below: 

Free Banner Pack

Each of the 8 banners included at no extra charge, is 6 landscape-oriented pages long. As a result, they are approximately 66 inches long (minus a couple of inches at each end). 

And, yes. You will have to trim these with a paper cutter and tape them together. Sorry about that. But the days of fanfold printer paper are way behind us. 

Here are 4 of the 8 banners included: 

Printing and Deployment Suggestions

I would strongly recommend, as I did regarding 100 CHAMPs Classroom Management Signs, using 8.5 x 11 card stock paper (65 to 110 pound, thick paper) for printing the signs. 

Once they’re printed, consider attaching them to the classroom whiteboard with fasteners that can be removed easily (adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other). These inexpensive fasteners can be purchased at your nearest office supply store. 

Or, if you prefer to display them on a bulletin board, I’d recommend adhesive Velcro fasteners—one square in each corner. 

Following either procedure above yields a set of displayable signs that will last for at least an ENTIRE school year—for me they last even longer. After all, they’re durable, reusable, and you’re the only one who will be handling them. 

Because they have such a long life, I would highly recommend printing all of the signs in color. These signs will really pop when they’re printed in color. 

If color is not an option, these signs will still fit the purpose and look presentable wherever you choose to display them. 

Free and Full Downloads

In case you didn’t see the download links in the Overview section near the top of the page, here they are again:

Download Free 12-Sign Sampler

Purchase 125 Classroom Signs (Order in the USA)

Purchase 125 Classroom Signs (Order outside of the USA)

Conclusion of Classroom Management

And, there you have it! 

If you’re looking for some strategies to enhance your classroom management, 125 Classroom Signs for Structure and Organization, is a useful tool to consider. 

After all, everything really does have a place, and everything should always be gotten and returned to its assigned place—for the access and convenience of others. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this tool, and especially, thanks for all you do for our kids.

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