Bored NO! Board game

by Marilyn Jules
(West Palm, Florida)

Creative and active learning for HS students! Teaching Spanish as a foreign language is not easy.

Instead of using already made board games, I used collaborative learning for each group to pick one of the topics on the board (there were new vocabulary words and a grammar portion) They could not repeat the selections.

1. They had to discuss what game they wanted to create
2. Then, how they were going to execute it
3. Determine the rules for their game, design the board game and instructions to play the game.
4. Each member is busy working on a task
5. I walked around providing support, providing suggestions and answering clarifying questions
6. I set the timer to help them focus, You may decide the time you want them to finish their brainstorm the game they will create. I gave them 5 minutes. Then the Gave them 20 minutes for each one to work and finish their portion (adjusted as needed)
7. They need to have time to play their game once.
8. They need to exchange their games with the other groups
9. While the other group is testing their games, they need to critique it. Must find at least something positive and write what needs improvement, if there is something lacking.
Some were very creative and put a lot of effort into it. You may grade it as part of a quiz grade

I used it among themselves, and with other groups too. I placed these board games on one side of the room that if they finish their work early, they can choose one to play.

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