Back to School Resources:  5 Must-Haves before Day 1


Back to school resources?  Already?!?

You know the drill as well as I do. Summer break is over, and we need to prepare for those youngsters as soon as yesterday. Here are 5 back to school resources that will help make your school year successful:

1. 100 CHAMPs Classroom Management Signs:

This set of classroom-ready signs spells out your behavioral expectations for each of your classroom activities, including small group work, study buddies, workshops, teacher-directed instruction, or virtually anything else that you undertake with your kids. 

2. 125 Classroom Signs for Organization:

Ready for printing and posting, this enormous set of 125 full-color, classroom signs contains everything you may need to organize your classroom. 68 of these signs will accept your own typing, insuring that what you post on your walls and whiteboards reflects your own unique circumstances.

3. Get Set, Go! Volume 1:

Due to the discontinuance of Adobe Flash, Get Set, Go! is temporarily unavailable.  However, you may find the Journal Jumpstarts series of Animated Writing Prompts to be an innovative approach to motivating student writing.  Please see this page for details and free samples.

4. Cooperative Learning Packet:

Whether you’re a veteran teacher or a beginner, this cooperative learning packet is loaded with practical resources you can use straight out of the PDF’s! Included are grouping strategies, evaluation forms, tent cards, and much more.

5. Level Up on Reading:

Picture it, study it, master it. This simple, but surprisingly effective teaching strategy, allows students in grades 6-8 to do just what this resource’s title suggests-- level up on their reading comprehension! This resource includes 10, 5-page practice reading packets. 

Conclusion: Back to School Resources

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about any of the resources listed above (or anywhere else on this site), drop me a message. I'm always monitoring my inbox and will get back to you usually within 24 hours--often sooner.

Thanks so much for allowing me to consume a few of your minutes at this critical time of preparation. Have a safe and successful year, and especially, thanks for all you will do with our kids! 

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