4 Tips to Become a Better, More Effective Teacher

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Teaching is one of the most challenging tasks in the world. You need to deal with lots of students, each with their own set of personalities that might clash with the other students you handle. For first timers, it can be too much to take in, but teaching can be made fun and enjoyable once you follow these specific tips:

1. Make learning enjoyable. There are innovative ways to present an otherwise plain and boring lesson. You can include activities or mini games so that the students will learn while having fun. You will easily be their coolest teacher if you let them experience things others don’t usually do.

2. Get to know your students. There may be a reason why your student doesn’t like drawing. Another student might be scared of buses. You will never know these things if you don’t talk to them aside from giving them lessons. It’s also an added bonus to know all their names. That’s when they know you actually care for them individually.

3. Make yourself look presentable and respectable. When your students see you with drab clothing and with muddy shoes, they are more likely to ignore you than when they see you in pressed clothes and with a good posture. When you look respectable, they will have found someone to aspire to, while if you look mousy, they will only look at you as another boring teacher.

4. Communicate with their parents. If you notice something wrong with your student and he/she doesn’t want to tell you anything, a probable problem is the parents. You could set a meeting with them to know what happened and if you can do anything to help them save their family. If you know someone, you can also recommend a good marriage counselor for their professional needs.

You don’t just teach to get paid. You teach because you want students to learn and you are proud of each and every student you’ve had. Be proud you are a teacher, and also be prepared to give your students the best years in school while you’re at it.

Aleshsa Wilson is a staff writer at RockwelNutrition.com. You can get the latest Rockwell Nutrition coupon here.

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