Starting CHAMPs Classroom Management in the Middle of a School Year

champs classroom management
CHAMPs Companion is a compelling and operative way to inaugurate an effective, proven, behavioral management system in the classroom—particularly in the middle of a school year.

This 18-20 minute animated video book introduces the CHAMPs Classroom Management System to students.

The video book uses examples drawn specifically from the 100 CHAMPs Classroom Signs collection; however, if you use your own set of CHAMPs signs, you'll likely find that this resource is just as useful.

The contents of the video book include…

  • 6 Content Chapters
  • 4 Quick Quizzes of 3 questions/answers each
  • 9 Online Review Activities
  • 1 20-Question Exit Test with 2 Versions: An Online Test and a Paper Test

The online review/practice activities are…

  • Connecting Up with CHAMPs
  • CHAMPs Jeopardy
  • Scrambuzzle CHAMPs
  • The Great CHAMPs Balloon Adventure
  • Who Wants to be a CHAMPs Gazillionaire?
  • 4 CHAMPs Flash Games

CHAMPs Companion also comes with the CHAMPstormer—a specially-formatted, customizable PDF brainstormer.

CHAMPstormer is an extraordinary utility for gathering student input in the formulation of activity-driven, behavioral expectations.

There are free, downloadable trial versions as well.

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champs classroom management
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Graphical User Interface
Animated Chapter Preview
Sample Slideshow
Quick Quiz Samples
2 Options in Chapter 6
Activities Screenshots
Exit Test Excerpts
The CHAMPstormer
Free and Full Downloads

Graphical User Interface
champs classroom management
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The graphical user interface looks like what you see below—this is a screenshot from Chapter 2.

The animated chapter preview that you will see immediately below is an excerpt from this same chapter.

Animated Chapter Preview

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Sample Slideshow

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The screenshots that appear in the slideshow below are reduced in clarity (as all screenshots are, for some strange reason). The actual presentation itself is MUCH larger and razor-sharp in focus.
Quick Quiz Samples
champs classroom management
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Embedded in CHAMPs Companion are 4 Quick Quizzes consisting of 3 questions each. This is a sample question from Quick Quiz 1:

And, here is its associated answer…

With less than a minute per quiz (thus, the name Quick Quiz), students may write answers, raise hands, or the majority of voices rules—that’s entirely your call.

2 Options in Chapter 6

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Chapter 6, which serves partially as an introduction to the online activities section of CHAMPs Companion, offers two options to you as the presenter.

These options appear as red buttons in the lower right corner of the active screen, as shown here…

The Predetermined option should be selected if you have already established behavioral expectations for your kids.

The Student Input option is intended for a class that you will invite to brainstorm one or more sets of behavioral expectations for CHAMPs.

This choice, of course, is entirely up to you.

Activities Screenshots

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The Activities portion of CHAMPs Companion contains 9 review/practice, online choices.

These activities are Quia-based-- neither you nor your students have to be members of Quia to participate—just follow the provided links!

This is the Great CHAMPs Balloon Adventure:

Here is the game board for CHAMPs Jeopardy:

This is how the student-input box looks…

A sample from Who Wants to be a CHAMPs Gazillionaire:

The remaining activities not shown here include…

  • Connecting up with CHAMPs
  • Scrambuzzle CHAMPs
  • Flashcards
  • Matching
  • Concentration
  • Word Search

Whether you allow your kids 15 minutes or 45 minutes for these activities is entirely up to you.

Exit Test Excerpts

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The 20-question CHAMPs Companion Exit Test comes in two versions: the online version and the paper version. This is an excerpt from the online version:

Although students may take the Exit Test online, it will necessitate writing their scores down as they appear on their screens.

The paper version of the Exit Test is merely provided as an alternative convenience…

Two versions of the Answer Key are also included—a complete, highlighted answer key, and a simple, straightforward letter key.

The CHAMPstormer

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The CHAMPstormer is a brainstorming utility designed to be used with your kids if you wish to include them in the process of developing behavioral expectations for each of your classroom activities (highly recommended).

In my opinion, this extraordinary, specially-formatted, customizable utility will be invaluable in the formulation of activity-driven, behavioral expectations.

Although the following directions may suggest that it’s terribly difficult to use, I assure you that it’s quite the contrary.

Basically, if you can click a mouse and use a keyboard, this will be a delightful piece of cake.

Free and Full Downloads

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A free, fully-operational demo of the CHAMPs Companion is available for immediate access.

This watermarked demo is intended to give you opportunity to evaluate the quality and potential of this approach to introducing CHAMPs to your students.

The full version of CHAMPs Companion is just like the demo, minus all of those annoying watermarks. Plus, the 9 Bonus Enrichment Activities, the CHAMPstormer, and two forms of the Exit Test with answer keys are included at no extra charge.

Both the demo and full versions of The CHAMPs Companion are compatible with all internet-connected devices except for smartphones.


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If you’d like a proven way to enhance your classroom management system without a load of finger-drumming “training,” CHAMPs may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Although the best time to introduce CHAMPs is at the beginning of the year, CHAMPs Companion offers an effective way to turn any time in the school year into the beginning of the school year.

Can I guarantee that this will work? Of course not.

I’m just saying that if you can take the time to involve the kids in the process of determining the behavioral expectations for at least a few of your classroom activities, you’ll be amazed at how appropriate and logical their responses are.

The CHAMPstormer is an amazing way to simplify and streamline that brainstorming process. With that and your guidance, the kids will buy into this whole thing—they will adopt their own expectations as the laws of each classroom activity.

Best wishes to you as you launch this new initiative!

CHAMPs Classroom Management Acknowledgements

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I always believe in giving credit where credit is due.

The CHAMPs Classroom Management System itself is the brainchild of Randy Sprick, Ph. D. (and others) at Safe and Civil Schools Classroom Management.

As was true for the 100 CHAMPs Classroom Signs Collection, CHAMPs Companion features several clipart works from Phillip Martin, who in my humble opinion, is a superb classroom artist.

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